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The Excalibur Estate, Catford, South East London. This estate is historically interesting as it was built directly after the war as temporary prefabricated housing to help ease the then desperate need for housing. It’s one of the very few examples left. Built in 1945-1946 with the help of forced labour from German & Italian prisoners of war. Designed by the then Ministry of Works. Each one was described as having two bedrooms a private garden and an indoor toilet, which many new residents did not previously have! I noticed that each house also has its own prefabricated concrete garden shed with corrugated asbestos roof. The gardens were used to grow fruit and veg as rationing went on until 1954. They were only meant to last 10 years but have now been here for about 70 years! Most likely more due to popularity than good maintenance from the council! It’s fascinating looking at the alterations residents have made, this photo is of the most extreme example with a lot of effort to turn it into a Tudor cottage! Further examples to be posted tomorrow… The estate is being demolished as part of a regeneration scheme, some houses have been listed but I believe a whole street might be retained according to a resident. The 20th Century society have been campaigning to have it kept but not sure of the outcome….Photo©️Michael Heyward (2019).